Ok, so these curtains are in my office where babies are never found, but I’m sharing them anyway because they are easy, pretty, and could easily work for a kids room.  My office is poorly lit because a large ad featuring the serial killer from the TV show Dexter holding a baby splattered in blood (awesome, right?) is plastered on the outside of all of the windows.  So that in combo with the dreary day and the gray walls made the pictures just a little too depressing for me to post in color.  So that’s why they’re B&W.;

They call this street Sunset Blvd for a reason; that beautiful Sunset also creates a nasty glare off my computer screen from about 3pm on. I wanted to block the sun with a prettier alternative to the existing plastic mini-blinds.  Solution:  I picked up some fabric from Ikea ($45 worth) and some matching poly lining from Joanne’s ($15) and using this clear and direct tutorial put these lined panels together in an evening.  Well, one evening per curtain.  This is a wonderful DIY – I always get asked who I paid to make them (right after I get asked why I would have curtains in my office).
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