While my kitchen was covered in glue this week I made a little Halloween bowl. So easy and fun for the kids to help.

DIY after the jump…

What you need:
Black Yarn
Elmer’s All Purpose Glue
A shallow bowl
cling wrap

1. Cover your upside-down bowl with cling wrap

2. Cut 3-5 lengths of 18-24″ yarn

3. Pour a bit of glue in a bowl and thoroughly soak one yarn length.

4. Pull the end out, squeezing the excess glue off as you go and drape the string over the bowl. Be sure to cross the yarn over itself in vertical and horizontal pattern and make some dramatic loops along the edge.

5. Repeat with remaining yarn lengths.

5. Leave to dry overnight.

6. Ease the cling wrap (and yarn) from the bowl and peel out the cling wrap.

My little ghost is from Pier 1. I thought a fake candle might be best since… this is a pile of yarn.

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