I’ve been informed by Chitra, Scarlet’s daycare teacher, that Scarlet and her friend Molly love to pretend to change their dolls’ diapers using pantomime, so I made them some little fabric ones.

It’s too easy and Scarlet went nuts for it, how-to after the jump…

These are Scarlet’s favorite toys.  Both are named “Baby”.  The little one is always naked and the big one would be if her clothes weren’t sewed on. So let’s make them some diapers.

1.  Wash and iron your fabric:

2.  Fold your fabric in half and center your doll’s booty on the fold and draw around it, adding to the waist and center so it can wrap around:

If you don’t feel comfortable just drawing your own pattern, I found this cute one you can use if it fits your dolly.
3.  Fold your fabric into quarters and cut out your diaper shape:

4.  Trace the shape onto another piece of fabric for the inside of the diaper, then cut it out.  I just went with some white voile I had leftover from the pom pom curtains:

Do the same with a piece of batting:

5.  Now cut two pieces of velcro and pin them to the right side of fabric that will be the outside of you diaper, with the length facing inwards:

6. Now lay your batting down, then your diaper lining fabric right side up, then your diaper outside fabric right side down, like so:

7.  Sew it all together, leaving a hole on one edge that doesn’t have the velcro strap, back stitching at each side of the opening:

8.  Now gently turn your fabric inside out.  Beware of the pins you used to pin your velcro strips as you turn.  This is what you’ll get:

9.  Where the opening is, iron the fold:

Cut two pieces of the other side of the velcro. Pin them to each side of the diaper that does not currently have velcro and sew them in place.  Also sew the opening shut like so:

Place on baby, watch toddler rejoice:

watch toddler put diaper onto bear:
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