Want to stand out from the pack of Christmas cards? Send a Thanksgiving card! Here is an easy and super-cute version that long-distance Grammie will love. Long-distance Grandpa will say that it looks like baby smeared poo on a piece of paper. Long distance grandpa is classy like that.
DIY after the jump

What you need:
Non-Toxic stamp pad
Note cards and envelopes. Mine were from the clearance bin at Paper-Source. They just need to be bigger than baby’s hand.
A thin-tip pen or marker.

What to do:
In case it isn’t obvious… just rub baby’s little mit all over the pad and try to get a nice clear print on each card. They don’t have to be perfect, that’s part of the charm. If one is really a train-wreck, turn it over and try again.

Let them dry a bit and add your little turkey details and a message with a pen.

Too cute!

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