I wear one of these every night and have for at least ten years.  Scarlet sees them and says “MAMA!” and runs over to put it on my head and ask “where’d mama go?”  I thought I’d try to make one of my own and it was pretty simple to figure out.  Give it a go and send me a pic.  And every girl I know, Hi you are getting one for Christmas.
Get the full tutorial after the jump…

1. First cut your fabric into a rectangle about the size of a head.  Cut one piece for the front, one for the back, and a piece of batting to make it nice and soft:

2.  Lay your fabric right sides facing with the batting on top:

3.  Turn it over so you have your fabric (wrong side) facing you instead of the batting, and pin it together:

4.  Fold it in half and draw the shape you like for one eye with a washable pen.  I go for a Kanye-sunglasses style:

5.  Cut along that line then unfold:
4.  Now let’s make a strap.  Hold it up to your face and decide how long you want your elastic to be so it fits but is not tight.  Cut your elastic to that length plus 1/2 and inch.  I used double-edged quilt binding to make my strap but you can use any old fabric.  Cut it to 1.5 to 2X the length of your elastic:
5. Unfold the quilt binding:
and fold it back the other way:
and sew it together with a straight stitch:
6.  Now it’s time to loop turn it right side out.  You can use a loop turner or this method.  Stick a safety pin on side side:

trim the excess seam allowance and feed the safety pin back in through the fabric.  it will bunch up, just coax it along:

until it turns:

7. Iron it, then thread your elastic through it and sew it to one side with a stretch or zig zag stitch:

pull it taut so your fabric bunches and sew the other side, now you have a scrunchy strap:

8.  Let’s pin it all together.  Lay your batting down.  Lay one fabric piece on top of it right side up.  Place your strap end on one side with the stitches to the outside and pin:

do the same on the other side and pin.  pin the bulk of the strap together in the middle to get it out of the way:

Lay your next piece of fabric right side down and pin it in place.  It is going to be tough because of your bulky strap in the middle, but make sure the edges of your two fabric pieces line up:

9.  Sew it all together, leaving a hole at the top for turning.  Backstitch and the beginning and at the end:
10.  Remove your pins.  Reach in the hole and remove the pins you used to hold the strap on so they don’t poke you.  Now pull the strap out and turn your piece right side out:
11.  You’re almost done, you just have a hole at the top to close:

Slip stitch the opening closed by hand.  This has made me nervous in the past but this tutorial made it so simple.

NOW you’re done!  So cute!  And less then $1.00 to make.

Fabrics were Paula Prass Summer Soiree Chevron in Yellow
and Jay McCarroll Zig Zag in Purple & Grey

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