We have been working on the dirty business of potty training these days. We are taking it slow. Clare is enthusiastic most of the time and, without going into the details, we are reaching some milestone achievements. But after taking her lead for most of the past year, I’m ready to make some serious progress. My sister-in-law (a different one. I know, I have many) made a cute chart to track and reward my niece’s potty progress with stickers. “Hey! Clare likes stickers, maybe this would work!”

Here is the idea…

Get the full DIY (and ALL THE DOWNLOADABLES) after the jump

1. Wrap a piece of foam-core (mine was 20″x30″) or stiff cardboard with wrapping paper (mine was from Old Navy)

2. Print out your templates, you can print directly on label stock, or adhere with a Xyron or double-stick tape later. See bottom of post for template links.

(note my sad printer running out of ink)

3. Cut out your shapes however you like.

4. Channel your inner high-school homecoming dance committee volunteer and take to that poster with glitter paint. Layer your cut-outs on another paper and create a border. Have fun and get creative. If you’re not OCD, you might even let the kid help even (Do as I say, not as I do)

5. Arrange your pieces on your board and adhere everything.

(love that Xyron! So much, in fact, that we are planning a video tutorial!) If you are using a Xyron machine, PLEASE do your glitter afterward or make sure that it is TRULY dry, OY!)

I used some Martha Stewart Decorative Tape for my lines.

6. If, for your child, the big draw of potty training is actually getting to wear some big-kid knickers, as it is for Clare,  print out the boypants or Girlpants sticker sheet on adhesive paper and either cut out shapes or punch with circular craft punch (I cut mine square and used a Fiskars Round Corner Punch.) You might also want to try Avery labels and templates.

If it’s not so much about the underpants, you might just want to stick to some cool store-bought stickers, but do make sure that they are brand new to make it a special event!

Happy potty training to you!

PS. If you make one (especially a boy version) PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send us a photo.

Potty Party

A reader suggested a “I gave it a try!” category. Great idea! There is a new file for that as well
Try Pee Poop Dry                                                                                                                                 
Pee Poop Dry

Girl Pants

Boy Pants

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