My mom is in town with lots of crafty ideas. She reminded me of these little gift boxes that we made by the dozen when I was a girl. Totally addicting (or is it addictive?) to make. You can use greeting cards, old maps, last year’s calendar, children’s art, scrapbooking paper… really anything works!

Find the DIY after the jump and get folding. So fun for a relaxed New Year’s Day.

What you need:
A ruler
A pencil
Various papers. Each box requires 2 perfect squares. One slightly smaller than the other.
 - If the paper for your top is a 12″ square, cut the bottom 11 1/2″ square
 - If the paper for your top is 5″ square, cut the bottom 4 13/16″ square – you can always test the size with a scrap paper.

What to do:

1. Cut your two perfect squares of paper. Pay attention to the art at the very center of your square. It will be the top of your box.

2. Draw a straight line from each corner to corner. You will have an “x” at the center.

3. Fold each corner into the exact center.

4. Unfold 2 opposite corners.

5. Fold the folded sides in again to meet at the center.

6. Unfold completely.

7. Fold the opposite corners in to the center following your original creases and then fold in sides in again to meet at the center.

8. Unfold completely.

9. Optional. Lightly draw a box around the center square so you don’t over-cut in the next step.

10. Cut in towards the center “box” up from the bottom, and down from the top in the four places shown.

11. Fold the sides with the tabs in again (as shown) and fold the tabs in to make your 3-D box shape.

12. Fold the other 2 sides up over the box sides and into the center.

13. Lift the first two flaps up and push the second two down to “interlock” the inside.

Sometimes that won’t work if your folds aren’t precise. In that case you can use a small piece of tape, a dot of glue or (if you are feeling really fancy) a square of paper cut perfectly to fit the inside of the box.

Repeat all steps for the bottom of your box.

Here are some ideas!

My mom made these earrings, aren’t the pretty? : )

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