I’m not very organized by nature but this recipe binder system works very well for me and a few others, including Jaime, so we thought we would share. My husband started this binder before we were even together (he’s a keeper) as a way to store all the random recipes that he collected here-n-there but I have taken it over and added a few features.

Click thru to read more about our Recipe Binder and Free Recipe Binder templates.

By your request, we have a bunch of new color options available for you to make your own Recipe Binder. Check out our Free Recipe Binder Artwork in a rainbow of magical kitchen organization fun!

Here are my thoughts…

I just added tabs. These from office depot are pretty cute. 

My categories are:
ENTREES (I think that I will break this down further in the near future… chicken, pasta, beef, etc. or Mexican, Asian, Italian etc.)
LIMBO (Up to now I’ve used the inside pockets for recipes that haven’t been tested yet. They stay in limbo until you try them out. If they pass the test, they get their own sleeve.)
- I might also add a Thanksgiving tab since these recipes are currently stored in an old FED-EX envelope in the cupboard. See, not very organized by nature.

I suggest storing your pages in clear plastic sleeves. It protects them from splashes and allows you to add random clippings. The only downside is that it will push your pages out further than your tabs. To solve this, I also put the tabs in sleeves with a small slit in the sleeve to allow the tab to peek out. But then your tabs stick out further than your binder edge. HA!

Here are some of the random ways I use my pages…

Newspaper and Magazine clippings

Recipe website printouts with notes

Handouts from cooking classes

Cute husband-written recipes


Recipe cards and box-back recipes

Recipe booklets from kitchen gadgets

We’ve also included the cover and spine inserts as a free download. Get the Free Recipe Binder Templates here.

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