My changing pad in Quinn’s room is a little different than the style for which Jaime did the (gorgeous) DIY back in December. The dimensions on mine are 35″long x 16″ wide x 1″ deep. It came with the changing table, perhaps I was supposed to replace it with the more luxurious curved type? Poor Quinn.

At least she now has a cute and cozy flannel cover for her sub-par changing pad. Check out how to make a changing pad cover after the jump.

Start with 1 piece of (washed&ironed) fabric 40-42″ long x 22″ wide. It’s ok if the print does not go all the way to the edge of your fabric, it will be hidden.

1. On short side, with wrong side facing up, fold and iron 1/4″ seam and then fold and iron 1/4″ seam again. Repeat on other end.

2. On one of the short sides that you just folded, pin the end of a 14″ length of elastic 3/8″ in from the end. Pin the other end of the elastic 3/8″ in from the other end.

3. Now stretch it out and pin the elastic at several other points. It will look like this:

4. Stretch out the elastic to align flat with your fabric along the seam by holding the fabric behind the needle and in front of the needle and using a zig-zag stitch, sew the elastic to the fabric.

It will look like this:

5. Repeat this entire process from step 2 on the other short end.

6. With wrong side up, fold the short end over 3″ and pin on one side. At the other end of the length, fold over the other short end 3″ and pin along the same side. Check that your length is approx 35-36″, if not, adjust your folds.

7. Fold over the entire length by 1/4″ and iron and then fold over by 1/4″ and iron again. Make sure that your elastic is pinned into second fold.

8. Using a straight stitch, sew along the entire length. If you get caught on the bulk of the elastic, raise your needle and push the fabric a little further in and resume sewing.

9. Repeat from step 6 on the other side of the length of piece.

and that’s it!

This cute owl fabric is marked “made exclusively for Jo-Ann Fabric.” I bought it a few years ago and haven’t seen it since. If you find some on EBAY, let me know. : )

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