These are for all my crafty jewish brethren and anyone who appreciates a good black & white.  These cakey cookies remind me of New York and my dad.  After all you gentiles went felt-sugar-cookie mad, I got the idea to make some for Scarlet.

Get the full tutorial for Felt Black & White Cookies after the jump…

Felt Black & White Cookies

1.  Cut half circles of white and black felt and sew the together down the middle:

2.  Cut a circle of cookie-colored felt a little larger then your black & white frosting.  Black and Whites are a sort of cross between cake and cookie so they need to be a little thicker for true jewish-bakery accuracy:

3.  Unfold your “frosting” and pin in to the “cookie” felt right side facing with the edges lining up like so:

4. Sew around the edge, leaving a hole for turning and back stitching at the beginning and end.

5. Turn your cookie inside out and stuff it:

6.  Stitch the hole closed.  Done!

I made a few with bites removed and a couple halves for extra playtime fun.  The ones with bites taken out are scarlet’s favorite.  She even practiced baking them:

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