My sister-in-law Stevee sent this awesome DIY all the way from Nashville (modeled by my adorable niecey, baby Jojo!) and I had to share it with you!  Take a cute pair of ladies’ socks and turn it into legwarmers for your little one in just a few minutes.  
Get the full DIY Baby Legwarmers tutorial after the jump…

DIY: Baby Legwarmers
These baby leggings are so easy to make! They are perfect for a baby learning to crawl. They help avoid little knee burns.

Women’s knee-high socks
Color coordinating thread

1. Get some really cute women’s knee-high socks:

and cut the feet off right at the ankles:

2. Sew around the cut edge:

Take the end of sock and fold under where you just sewed: 

and sew a hem using color coordinating thread:

then turn the sock inside out and cut off the excess: 

3. Take in the bottom of the sock so it is narrow enough to stay on your baby’s legs. I went about two inches in and sewed about 3 to 4 inches up the sock at an angle:

Cut off the excess: 

4. Turn your handmade baby legwarmers right side out, you’re done! Place on tiny baby legs!

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