My musician friend Erin (of Mix Tape) celebrated the big 3-0 this weekend. I made her a little gift so she can coordinate outfit to instrument on stage.

I like the fact that it’s functional (a guitar strap for her fancy-schmancy guitar) but also homemade (a cover made with a teensy bit of a gorgeous fabric she actually gave me for my birthday).

This simple DIY works for camera straps, guitar straps, or any sort of strap. I think it would even work for a BELT!  Think of it, you could have ONE belt with a bunch of covers to match all your cute outfits.  How prudent.

Get the full Guitar / Camera Strap Cover DIY after the jump…

DIY Strap / Belt Cover Tutorial

You’ll need 1 strap and some fabric ( I used Heather Ross Far Far Away Unicorns in Blush).  Some fusible fleece would make it extra cozy, but I didn’t have any and was unmotivated to drive around searching for it.  Here is the guitar strap I bought at guitar center:

1. Wash, iron and cut your fabric.  Measure the length of your strap and add one inch, measure the width of your strap and add 1 inch.  My pieces were 24″ X 5″ for a final size of 23″ X 4″:

If you’re using fusible fleece, cut pieces the same size and fuse it on now.

2.  Fold the short ends under 1/4″ and iron, then another 1/4″ and iron:

Then sew in place with a complimentary thread (you’ll see this seam).

3.  Fold the strap cover in half the long way with right sides facing and sew up the side.  You can serge the edges:

Or fake serge by using a zigzag stitch (if you are going to do this, cut your fabric 1/2″ smaller for the width so you can catch both edges):

4. Turn your tube inside out (if you need help figuring out how, use the safety pin method I walk through in the DIY Booster seat post for the straps), then iron it flat with the seam in the middle of the back side:

5. Slide it over your strap.  It’s going to be snug, this part is kind of a pain.  If you wrap a rubber band around the end of the strap that helps it hold this shape, which makes it easier to slide on:

You’re done!

Make a few different ones:

Wrap in a cute package and give to friend:

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