Here’s a gift I think even the coolest childless Uncle would appreciate: a trivet featuring your kid’s artwork!  It’s kid-cuteness in a modern and useful package.  And just as an aside, Scarlet is obviously so talented, right?  You thought I bought these at the MOMA didn’t you?

But no, I made them from some of her paintings to send off to her three grandmas and two grandpas for Valentine’s day.  And she’s so proud of them, the look on her face was priceless when she saw the finished product!
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DIY Valentine’s Day Gift: Trivet from Your Child’s Painting

-Cheap tiles in any color, or recycle some you already own.  I used 6X6 which is a decent size for a trivet.
-Cork. You can buy it in a roll at any craft store
-Mod Podge (Just get some already!  You can make mod podge Coasters, a vintage plate  cameo, a step stool, a tray and a million other things!)
-Sponge Brush for your Mod Podge
-Some sort of glue, I used Rubber Cement

1.  Make some paintings with your kid, or grab some they brought home from school.  If you want to get super-crafty, only give him or her paint colors that match your recipient’s kitchen decor.  Do this for your own kitchen and you could totally actually use these tiles on your wall as decoration!  Trace your tiles onto your painting and cut them out:

You should trim them just a little smaller, so there will be a little border around the art on the final product:

And also, if you want, add your child’s name and the date (I used Valentine’s Day 02.14.2010) so you will always remember when you made this:

2.  Apply a pretty thick coat of Mod Podge (I used glossy) to your tile.  Center the painting by attaching it and sliding it into place, then smooth out as many bumps as you can.  Children’s paintings are usually pretty lumpy so don’t worry about bubbles, I think it adds character.  Just make sure the edges are smoothed down.  Don’t lift it or it will rip.  

Repeat for all of your tiles, then let it dry all the way (20 or 30 minutes).

3. Add a second coat of Mod Podge, pretty thick just because the paintings are bumpy.  Let it dry and repeat until you are satisfied.

4.  Once it’s all dry, seal it.  I used polyurethane spray.  Let that dry completely.

5.  Cut out squares of cork for the bottom of the tile (much better then felt for use as a trivet, but if it’s going to hang on the wall instead felt would work).  Glue them on (I used Rubber Cement):

See doesn’t that look nice?

Admire your handiwork.

Put them to good use.

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