Hi, spring is in the air! It’s 90 degrees in LA this week so outdoor play is making a comeback big time. Enter the DIY sandbox.

Every kid loves playing with sand. If you live in a small place this DIY sandbox / sand table is a great solution, and also it’s cheap. I bought one plastic wreath box on clearance at Kmart for $5 and one bag of playsand from Toys R us for another $5. Pour sand in box. Add a few cheapo sand toys. Done.

Here is play sand but because it’s 50 pounds (enough to fill one wreath box) I imagine the shipping cost would be monstrous, you can also get it at most hardware stores.  Here is a set of two of the same boxes I got but anything with a lid that snaps closed would work. I made one last year from an under-bed storage box, but because the lid didn’t snap shut, water got in and moldiness ensued. I much prefer this solution. Scarlet is in heaven. She even insisted we all climb in.

This would also be a fun way to do a “treasure hunt” for a birthday party, or even to hide easter eggs in. Summer is coming YAY!

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