For Scarlet’s Indian Elephant Party I made some custom shaped crayons as favors. It’s super easy and fun, give it a shot for your next party! Only make them smaller then these, trust me.

 I’ll give you the full DIY on How to Make Crayons, as well as how to peel crayons without driving yourself insane, after the jump…

DIY Shaped Crayons

1.  To make a custom shape crayon you’ll need a bunch of crayons and a mold.  You can use silicone ice-cube trays (the bendy kind) but i think it’s more fun to use a candy mold.  You are never going to be able to make candy in it again though, so keep that in mind.  You can find an amazing selection at Bake it Pretty.  I got this big elephant one here.  However, it takes about ten million crayons to fill one of these big ones, so I advise going for a smaller shape.

2.  Separate your crayons into color piles.  Remember that when melted they will end up a single color, created from the mix you put together.  Add a few white crayons to make sure the color doesn’t get too dark or muddy.  Also, if you buy a huge box of crayons, I found you get like 50% brown ones, and I also learned no kid wants a giant brown crayon, so it makes more sense to buy a bunch of smaller cheap boxes (or even better, recycle some crayon scraps).  To peel your crayons without losing your mind, slice them with an x-acto knife:

Then pull the wrapper off:

3.  Break the crayons into bits and place them in an empty food can:

Then put them in the oven at about 300 degrees and watch them, stirring them up every few minutes with a wooden skewer.  Depending on how many you have, it should take about ten minutes for them to melt.

4.  Carefully pour the melted wax into your mold.  It’s very easy to spill, as you can see.  Crayon wax is crazy difficult to get out of stuff (try candle wax remover or if that doesn’t work, WD-40) so cover your workspace with something you can trash.  If you want to mix some colors, you’ll need to pour one color in, then the other so they swirl.  Any colors you mix before melting will become one color, colors you mix after melting will swirl to a certain degree.  Play around with it. For a layered crayon that would be fun to color with you can pour a small layer of one color wax, let it cool, then pour the next layer.

Let the wax cool completely, then gently pop your crayons out of the mold.


I’ll show you how to package them into a cute favor bag soon!

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