Last post on the Indian Elephant Party, promise.  While you may not have this exact theme, you can definitely use these tips to create something similar, simple, and inexpensive for your party!

Get Cheap & Chic Party Decor Ideas after the jump…
Cheap & Chic Party Decor Ideas

Whip Up Some Simple Centerpieces

-Find some inexpensive vessels (maybe you have some around the house, I picked up these neon tin buckets at the 99-cent store for yes, you guessed it, 99 cents). Also, candleholders make great, unexpected little planters!
-Plants some inexpensive pretty plants in them.
-To make them centerpiece-ready, cover the soil with rocks from any garden store, or even something fun like bright fish-tank gravel.
-Create some added flavor with a simple paper decoration glued to a toothpick or barbecue skewer.  For these elephants, I used cardboard cutouts, spray painted them yellow, then sewed some different trim to each one.  You could have your kids decorate them for extra cuteness!
-When the party is over, they can live on in your house or go home with guests.  Or if you have a lot of them, why not donate them to a local retirement home?  I walked to the one down the street and handed them over and that was a whole other reward in itself!

Decorate the Ceiling

-Another great place to add some flair is UP THERE!  Hang some plants, candles, garlands, pom poms, whatever! Hanging items adds whimsy, and Whimsy is Essential.
-An easy-peasy way to add drama is to create a flag or tent! This tent was composed of inexpensive fabric from Wal-Mart, simply sewed together along the selvedges and pinned to the ceiling.  You could also sew a rod pocket along one side and run an emroidery hoop through it for a mosquito-net type look, maybe a “throne” for the birthday boy or girl.
-Tissue balls always add a festive look.  I’ve had these tissue balls for two years….I used them for Scarlet’s Circus Party, in her room, and now this party!
-Create a Fabric Silhouette Garland to match your theme…No sewing required and it can hang in kid’s room after!

Look Around the House & Borrow Borrow Borrow
-No one can afford to purchase all new decor just to match a party.  Don’t get hung up on everything being totally perfect and fresh – you have some items around your house that would look great in a party setting, and I’m sure friends do too.  Kelly brought over the beautiful white succulent cages and a ceramic elephant. Scarlet had some stuffed elephant bookends.  Her daycare teachers gave the Sri Lankan elephant sculpture and the yellow baskets were Easter leftovers:

-I opened a cabinet full of clear vases that hadn’t been used in years and threw stuff in them:

-The cuppies were displayed on two candlesticks with a target plate on top!

And you could always use some cans of food and paper to create Jacinda’s DIY Cake Stand!

Consider Renting
-I know not everyone can afford to/wants to rent stuff for a party.  But check into it and you might find it’s cheaper then you think. I was suprised to discover that a big bounce house full of balls and fun cost $100:

The toddler height table and chairs, bright table cloths, round tables and adult chairs were all rentals.  Far less expensive then buying, and made this party feel comfortable for everyone:

Let the Kids Decorate
Another great thing about a Party Craft Table, is while the crafts dry, they act as decoration!

Pay Attention to the Little Details
It’s the little things that tie it all together. There’s no reason to have a boring 8.5 X 11 sign hanging anywhere. They don’t have to be fancy to add a little charm, these cardboard elephants were 12 for $1 at Michael’s:

And mostly – don’t stress. It looks amazing I promise! Everyone is having a GREAT TIME!

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