When I was little I always looked forward to visiting my dad’s house on the weekends and all the delicious treats he let us eat that were forbidden at home, like Pop Tarts! But now that I’m a mom, I have new appreciation for my mother’s rules of nutrition and rarely let such a processed snack enter the house (ok honestly, that’s more because I know I will eat it and get fat). So we spent a lazy morning in the kitchen giving this Homemade Pop Tarts recipe from Smitten Kitchen a try. We had so much fun and no lie – they were DELICIOUS. Tastier (and healthier) than the real thing.

We made brown sugar cinnamon, strawberry jam and one chocolate one for the Prudent Dad. Which exploded all over the others but was tasty nonetheless.

Get our process in pictures after the jump and the complete recipe here!

Homemade Pop Tarts

Mommy made and chilled the dough, then rolled it out and cut it.  Scarlet mixed up the egg:

And helped brush it onto the bottom layer of dough:

Mommy made the filling and Scarlet helped place it on the pop tarts:

Daddy’s chocolate one is in the center and a little too full:

Second layer of dough on top:

Poking holes to let steam escape:

Baked, with slight chocolate explosion:


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