I’m a little embarrassed to admit this. I looked all over town for little buggie-deedle-bopper-antennae-headbands for Clare’s Buggie Birthday before a lovely young lady at a local toy store mentioned “So um, you could always, like, make them.” Right, like a DIY. And then she told me exactly how to do it, which was even more helpful. So here is what we do to make some buggie headbands. ok? No need to search all over town.

The kids (and some moms!) really loved these and wore them the whole party! Really cute! Would be great for aliens too!

Click here for DIY Buggie Headbands.

What You Need:

My best frenemy, the glue gun
A pencil
Headbands. I used inexpensive fabric covered bands from Target.
Pipe cleaners (or “Chenille Stems” if you prefer)
Something for the top. I used simple store-bought pom-poms but it would be super cute to make your own pom poms or cut cardboard shapes which the kids could then decorate with glitter-n-such.
Two Alligator clips (Optional but helpful)

What To Do:

1. Wrap a pipe cleaner around a pencil in a spiral. Do 2 pipe cleaners for each headband.

2. Pinch the bottom coil flat. Apply glue to bottom of headband where you will attach your antenna and slip it on in place. Repeat for other antenna. Let dry/cool. If you want to use the alligator clips to hold them in place, now would be the time.

3. Pinch the top coil of each antenna flat so you have a little circular “perch.” Apply hot glue to your pom pom and stick to top of coil. Let cool/dry. You can also use the alligator clips to hold them in place

4. And that’s it!

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