Here’s a no-skills-required way to decorate a wall with just yarn and some pins. Perhaps I should have made it a color you can actually see in a photograph, oops. We love LELLOW over here, what can I say…

I originally made this last winter for the fabulous La Petite Mag, now
get the full Yarn Sun Wall Art DIY after the jump…

DIY Yarn Wall Art

You’ll need a skein of yarn, some pins, and a pencil.

1.  Start with a blank wall:

2. Put a pin or nail in the corner (nails are easier on you, pins are easier on the wall, i used pins) and tie a string to it. Tie a pencil to the other side of the string and pull it taut to lightly draw a semi-circle:

3. Attach pins along your semi circle at even distances apart:

Erase your pencil line.

4. Weave your yarn around the corner pin, out to a pin on the semi circle, and back to your corner pin. Repeat until complete:

5. Wrap the yarn down along the pins and back to create the edge of your sun:

6. Attach pins on the other side of the wall to create your rays. Wrap the yarn around the circle edge pins, out around a ray pin and back to the circle edge:

At the semi circle, just wrap around the starting pin and move to the next pin:

Tie off when you’re done. Complete! Scarlet loves her sun so much. I promise it’s more visible in person.

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