Clare and I had a blast making and decorating Daddy’s favorite dessert on Sunday. My goal was to keep things simple and fun and yummy! I was inspired by these little sugar eyeballs that I had from Bake It Pretty. It was really interesting to talk about facial expressions, and how to draw a surprised or angry or sad face. Clare mostly wanted happy faces. This project requires minimal time, supplies and skills (as you can see, ha!)

Click here to get the details on this easy idea for decorating brownies. It’s part of Prudent Baby’s Summer of Fanciful Treats: Sponsored by Bake It Pretty

All you need is:
A batch of your favorite brownies
A bottle of Wilton Cookie Icing, which can be purchased wherever Wilton products are sold.
A plastic sandwich bag
Some of these kooky sugar eyeballs

1. Pour a few tablespoons of icing out of the bottle into the corner of a sandwich bag and make a tiny-tiny snip on the corner.

2. Squeeze from the top and make small drops of icing where your eyeballs will be.

3. Position your eyeballs.

4. Draw the rest of your face with the icing. You can use the icing straight out of the tube but your line will be thicker. This might be easier for smaller hands.

If the brownies last long enough, the icing will dry hard.

But enough of the kitchen, let’s get back outside!

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