This Tissue Number Birthday Sign is another inexpensive and quick party decoration. Clare delighted in the fact there was a giant 3 at her party since she has been sharing the news of her 3rd birthday with just about anyone who will listen for a month!

Click here to get the DIY to make your own Tissue Number Birthday Sign.

Tissue Number Birthday Sign

Click here for instructions on how to cover a blank artists canvas with fabric. The fabric I used is Michael Miller Ta Dot Fushcia. I really like that there is a background pattern but also that it’s not too busy to interfere with the tissue number. Michael Miller has alot of good options for this!

I used my leftover tissue flowers from the party garland for the next step. Click here to get the scoop on how to make a stack.

Ok, now that you have a stack of tissue flowers and a covered canvas, grab a chalk pencil and your glue gun. (Oh glue gun, my frenemy, you are so convenient, why do you hurt me so with your ouchy burning ways?)

With your chalk pencil, draw your number with a single line, then go around it and box it out to a “fat”number.

Now, grabbing a single flower from the center at the back, twist the center into a small stem and push the stem slightly to one side. Flatten the flower out just a little bit.

Starting at one end of your number, start hot gluing down flowers, overlapping so that none of the background is showing through. Work your way to the other end of your number.

And you’re done!

After the party, this is a fun decoration in kiddos room for the year!

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