Do any of you sewers also crochet?  Or do crocheters also sew? (is crocheters a word?)  I’ve been getting the feeling these are one-or-the-other type hobbies.  Even so, I’ve just been learning crochet this year and i really like it, though for me it’s a little bit of delayed gratification, since most projects seem to take longer then sewing.

That being said, I’ve tried to come up with projects that use crochet but are a little quicker, like this top. You just crochet the neckline, then sew the dress to it.  It’s a lot like the Snappy Toddler Top, with a different neckline.   The cotton yarn is nice and airy for summer, and I ADORE this Eau de Mer fabric, Push Pin Green, which is on sale right now (along with all japanese import fabric) at Fabricworm.
Get the full Quick Crochet & Fabric Top tutorial after the jump…

Quick Crochet & Fabric Top

1. Crochet the neckline.  This fits about an 18 month size and was done with cotton yarn and a 5mm crochet hook (size H/8) to allow for easy washing and drying and nice summer breathability.  It is just one chain of 75, then one round of 75 stitches of treble crochet, but you can make it however you like, with whatever stitches in any length. Also cut two rectangles of fabric. For my 18 month size my rectangles were 12″ wide by 9″ long. Or you could use the top pattern from the Snappy Toddler Top.  I also made a dress version but gave it away before snapping a finished pic, oops!

2.  Finish the top edge of your fabric by hemming or even better, serging or sewing with a zig zag stitch.  My edge isn’t finished in this picture, which I explain in step 4.  Sew a basting stitch along the top edges of your fabric (a basting stitch is a straight stitch set to the longest width your machine will allow, usually a 5):

3.  Pull the bobbin thread to gather the top to the width that will complement your neck:

4.  I finished the edges with a serger after i gathered, which was just wrong, you should probably finish it before.  I also tried one with bias tape, which worked really well to finish the edge, but left the top edge too heavy under the crochet.

5. Pin your fabric pieces together right sides facing and sew all the way up the sides:

Fold in half and chop at an angle, so you’ve removed a triangle off each side of the top.  You are cutting armholes:

6.  Open single fold bias tape and pin it to the right side of the fabric all the way around the armhole.

Sew it in place along the fold.

Fold the bias tape back up and flip it to the inside of the shirt, then sew in place along the edge:

7. Now pin your neckline to the top of your shirt.  Make sure you pin carefully so your armholes are the same size on each side!

Sew in place with a straight stitch.  You won’t be able to see it.  I used white thread, here is a close up:

8.  You can hem the bottom, but I finished mine with some Homemade Bias Tape in Nicey Jane WashDay Ticking dandelion.  Done!

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