That’s right I said Vodka. Why not? When reader ERIN sent in her Cucumber Popsicle Recipe and suggested a cucumber cocktail, it hit me to make infused vodka. It’s super easy and delightfully refreshing for these last days of summer.

Learn How to Make Cucumber Infused Vodka and my Cucumber Mint Cocktail after the jump…

And leave a comment telling us what kind of vodka you’d like to try and you could win the adorable baking cups pictured up there on the left!

How to Make Cucumber Infused Vodka

You’ll need: A cucumber, some vodka, and a bottle:

1. Peel the cucumber. Then use your vegetable peeler to make thin strips of cucumber, stopping when you get down to the seeds:

2. Slip the thin strips of cucumber into your bottle:

3. Pour the vodka into the bottle on top of the cucumber, then use a chopstick or some other instrument to push the cucumber down and mix it all up:

4. Stick it in the fridge and let it sit to infuse for about four days or a week. Then strain the vodka out. I haven’t figured out an efficient way of removing the cucumber from the bottle. You want to either drink all the vodka within a few weeks or remove the cucumber because eventually it will go bad. Not for a while but eventually. Hang a cute label around the neck of the bottle.

For the cocktails, I muddled some fresh mint, added a tablespoon of sugar, two tablespoons of lime juice, and one part cucumber vodka to one part soda water. Deelish!

You can totally do this with pretty much any melon – cantaloupe or honeydew might be good? I think adding a few jalapenos would be awesome for a spicy cocktail. What do you think would be a good one to try? Let us know in the comments and you could win those gorgeous baking cups from Bake it Pretty pictured up there on the left!

P.S. I’m drunk.

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