I have this window in my house that has been sitting naked for over a year, as I refuse to accept that I am never going to sew a curtain for it. I’ve been planning and planning to create a DIY Roman Shade tutorial for you, but there really isn’t a super simple way to do it. So the window has sat bare. I even have the fabric! Anyway. Scarlet just started pre-school and every day she comes home with another awesome new piece of artwork. I needed a place to display them all, so this is what I came up with! It’s just nails, string, and tiny wooden clothespins. After school everyday she picks a spot and we pile the artwork on. It’s working pretty well at hiding my disgusting robe-clad self from the poor unsuspecting neighbors while I’m making coffee in the morning, too.

What do you think? Ghetto? Or cute?

And remember leave a comment and you might win that purty Sandi Henderson fat quarter pictured over on the top left!

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