Remember last year when s was a zombie for Halloween, and in the zombie costume tutorial I lamented that it was probably the last halloween before she went all princess? I was right (I usually really love to be right, hmm). So this year she has requested a tinkerbell costume.

These wings are meant to approximate tinkerbell’s wings, but you can make yours a different shape or color to go with your butterflies, bees, dragonflys, fairies, and angels. And you can totally make them with stuff you have laying around the house (I’m just going to go ahead and assume you have glitter in your house). It’ll only take maybe 20 minutes. Get to work mama!

Get the full Homemade Fairy Wings Tutorial after the jump…

And remember, any comment you leave this week could win you an entire half yard of nicey jane oil cloth so you can make Jacinda’s amazing tote!

How to Make Fairy Wings

You will need:
4 wire hangers (white preferably)
Wire cutter (or scissors and determination)
2 pairs of white pantyhose or socks
A little duct tape
Spray paint, glitter, feathers or whatever you want to decorate your wings with.

1. Bending the wire. Start by opening up your hangers:

Tinkerbell has four wings, two pointy ones and two rounds ones, but you canmake yours any shape you want or just do two wings (way easier). So I started with the round ones. Unfold your wire hanger and bend it like so:

Twist together and cut off the excess leaving about 2 inches of wire:

Make another one just like that. Now for the pointy ones. I just cut the top off the hangers and stretched the bottom out:

2. Now cut the legs off your tights or grab your knee highs:

Slide them over your wire frames:

3. Twist the ends of the socks around the ends of the wire and cover with duct tape, covering any pokey wires:

Arrange your wings:

Tape them all together around the center:

4. Now grab your spray paint and go at it. I did the tips and edges in blue, since tinkerbell has blue wings.

I also added glitter by squeezing on some glitter glue:

And smearing it around with a foam brush:

Hang them to dry:

5. Cut a length of elastic twice the width of your kids’ chest. Sew it together at the ends in a flat loop like so:

Hot glue the loop in the center of your wings on the side that will be facing your kid’s back:

Then wrap another piece of fabric (i used a decorated pantyhose leg) around the center piece, hiding all of the duct tape. Hot glue it into place:

You’re done. Put on your little fairy.

Ok maybe they are a little ghetto. I almost didn’t post them, seeing as you can buy fairy wings for just a few bucks, but maybe the best idea is to buy fairy wings then decorate them yourself? Either way, she will insist on wearing them all the time.


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