How to make a drawstring backpack for back-to-school the easy way. Are Scarlet and her BFF Niko the most gorg or what? No, don’t answer that: They are the cutest. Well, here’s a fun & quick DIY we created for a drawstring backpack at the request of our friends at Small. Check them out, they have the best kids stuff and are sharing this today.

Get the full DIY Drawstring Backpack Tutorial after the jump…

So, will you give it a shot? It’s seriously so quick and simple. Let us know what you think in the comments and you could win that Alexander Henry fat quarter to make your own backpack with!

How to Make a Drawstring Backpack

Gather Your Materials:
1 piece of heavy weight fabric 13″ X 26″. This is Heather Ross Far Far Away 2 Sleeping Beauty in Gold (on Niko) from Fabricworm and Kokka Trefle Canvas Cinderella Natural (on Scarlet)
2 yards trim/ribbon (3/4″ width or smaller)

Fold fabric in half right sides facing, 13″ edges aligned:

Sew up the edges, stopping two inches from the top, then cut the edges with pinking shears:

Along the top, fold each side edge in 1/4″ and iron, then the top edge in 1/4″ and iron:

Fold the top down another 3/4″ and iron:

Repeat on the opposite side. Sew in place along the edge to create a casing.

Using a safety pin feed the first piece of trim through one casing and out the other side, then back through the other side of the casing:

Repeat with the other piece of trim going the other direction:

Now we will create the gusset and attach the backpack straps. Bring the seam to the front center and iron the bag into a point:

It will look like this unfolded. Make sure it is straight!

Measure two inches down from the tip of the triangle:

Draw a straight line across the tip at the 2″ mark you made.

Cut the tip of the bag off 1/4″ above the line:

Repeat on the other tip:

Grab the ends of one side of the trim:

Pull them inside the bag and through the hole in the tip closest to them:

There you go:

Pin in place:

Repeat on the opposite side, so now you have each strap pinned into a triangle point:

Sew in place along the line you drew:

Finish the edges with pinking shears and turn inside out.

Pull the straps to close the bag:

You’re done! Pretty simple, right?

Give to cute girl, let cute girl stuff with toys and play:

So, what do you think? Will you try it?

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