Wendy from Gurgle Turtle sent me this picture of her super cute poodle skirts she made her girls and I just HAD to beg her to share her tute with y’all.  It’s crazy simple but with such polished results, you can totally whip one up before the friday school halloween parade!  Take it away Wendy from Gurgle Turtle

So I wanted to make my little girls some poodle skirts without spending hours dealing with patterns or elastic waistbands. The girls would only be wearing these for a couple of hours, so why spend too much time making them? That’s when I decided to make the poodle skirts in a wrap style. Super easy, super fast, and totally cute!

Get the full Easy Peasy Poodle Skirt Tutorial after the jump…

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Easy Peasy Poodle Skirt Tutorial

Ok here we go:
First, measure your little girl’s waist. Add 2 to 3 inches because it’s going to “wrap” or overlap. Then measure the length you want the skirt to be. Add a 1/4 inch for the hem you are going to sew.

(*note* -if you are using felt, and want to make this even easier, don’t sew a thing! Felt won’t unravel or fray! It would look nicer with finished edges, but if that’s not important, skip it!)

Next, using a big piece of paper or newsprint, draw a circle the size of your little girl’s waist measurement. In my case, it was 22 inches (20 inch waist plus two inches of overlap). Then you are going to use your length measurement and make a bigger circle around your first one:

Ok, so take these measurements and figure out how much felt you need. In my case, I needed a square of felt 35 inches by 35 inches to make one. (I made three skirts, so I purchased more)

You’ll also need some felt for a poodle, some ribbon for a leash, a rhinestone for an eye, and thread to sew. (I used Tacky Glue to put the finishing touches on, so this could still be a no-sew project if you’d prefer!)

I could not draw my own poodle outline for some reason, so I found an outline here: Poodle Shape

Alright, lay your felt out and start cutting your circle. Cut it open in one spot. It’s gonna wrap!

Cut out your poodle applique.

If you are not sewing, this is what an unfinished edge looks like.

If this is what you’d prefer, then skip down the page a bit. If you are going to sew, then Sew all of your edges:

I used these convenient little sticky back Velcros to close the wrap. These can make you life so easy!

Now it’s time to glue the poodles! Figure out where you’d like to place them.

Get out the Tacky Glue and go to town!

I left the pins in place while the glue dried. Don’t forget to glue a sparkly little eye on the dog!

There you have it!

After it is all dry, have her try it on. Watch her twirl and admire your work.
You just made a 1950′s Poodle Skirt in under 30 minutes!

Thanks Wendy! This is so cute. Don’t her girlies look adorable?

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