I hate when I go to wash my makeup off and my white towels get all nasty (not that us Hot Mess Mommies are wearing that much makeup, but anyway). So I was super excited when the Ace Hotel started stocking the rooms with black washcloths that said “makeup” on them. No, I didn’t steal them.

Since my mom is a master embroiderer, I picked up some black washcloths and asked her to make me some. These were $1.50 each! I think they’ll make super cute stocking stuffers. This is more a suggestion than a DIY….so buy some black washcloths, embroider the word “makeup” on them, and never worry about ruining your towels again!

Genius right? Thanks mom!

Leave a comment with your thoughts/best makeup removal tips and you might win that tacky pack of fabric glues!

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