Here at Prudent Baby we try to be, well, prudent. And being prudent often means doing more with less. More style, more fun, more crafty goodness – with less money, less time, less materials. You know exactly what we mean, right? Which is why we are so excited to be giving away a Windows Phone 7! That’s right, one lucky Prudent Baby reader is going to win a Windows Phone 7 for telling us how they do more with less.

So in the spirit of more with less, I tried to create the easiest dress of all time. Even easier then our most popular tutorial ever, the 10 Minute Onesie Dress. Presenting the Two Minute T-Shirt Dress.

It’s a dress you can sew out of an old t-shirt in about two minutes (ok maybe five).  You guys seemed to like the Recycled Ruffle Sleeve Bubble T, and a bunch of you mentioned adding some old tees to the sewing pile.  I have the same pile so I tried to use one of them to make the quickest, easiest, simplest possible dress.  It seriously doesn’t get any easier than this, it doesn’t even involve any cutting. Also, this unicorn t-shirt was from Wal Mart, it’s pretty cute right? I hope you like this tutorial and are inspired to do more with less.

And the big bonus: One lucky Prudent Baby reader is going to win a Windows Phone 7!

Get the Two Minute T-Shirt Dress Tutorial & The scoop on the Windows Phone 7 Giveaway after the jump…

Two Minute T-Shirt Dress & Windows Phone 7 Giveaway!

Check out the full tutorial, and learn how to enter the giveaway below.

1. Acquire one t-shirt. I used a woman’s t that my friend Kate bought me as gift for the White Trash BBQ. I don’t know that unicorns are white trash, but unicorns+rhinestones+glitter+skin tight probably qualifies?

2. Load your bobbin with elastic thread and regular thread on your spool. I used gray so you could see it, but normally I would recommend using the same color as your shirt in the spool. For tips on sewing with elastic thread visit this post. Now grab your shirt and find the seam at the top of the sleeve. Sew from the neckline to the end of the sleeve 1/2″ from the seam on either side, backstitch at the beginning and end to hold your elastic thread in place. So you’re sewing two straight lines:

Do that to both sleeves. Sleeves complete.

3. Now look at your shirt and imagine it as a dress on your kid. Choose a general waist area for it, a little low so it can pouf over. Then just start sewing in a spiral all around the shirt. I started at one side seam and just sort of went up and down, not paying attention to straight lines, spiraling around for 60 seconds, backstitching at the beginning and end:

See, it look sort of messy up close, but you’ll never see it because it’s gathered and the dress poufs over it anyway.

Done. Pretty cute for two minutes?

And one t-shirt put to good use. The kid LOVES it.

So readers, there’s one way we did more with less. Keep checking in this week to see other ways, like a simple homemade body scrub whipped up with basic stuff you have in your kitchen.

So tell, us how do you do more with less? To enter the Windows Phone 7 Giveaway leave a comment on this post with a way you do more with less. Leave your comment anytime between today and midnight, November 29th. We will randomly select one winner using The winner will receive one Windows Phone 7. For official rules click here: Windows Phone 7 Official Rules.

This giveaway is brought to you by the new Windows Phone 7. Less MIA. More PTA: Learn about Windows Phone online at and see it in person at local T-Mobile stores today.
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