Here’s an easy little tutorial for these adorable felted wool trees from Jamie of Little Nest Designs. I want a bunch for my mantel. Sounds like a sweater thrifting trip is in order!

Click here to get this easy & fun Felted Wool Tree Tutorial.

Materials needed:

Wire clothes hanger

wool sweaters, washed in hot water and dried on hot to ‘felt’ them

wire cutters and scissors

cardboard for base

Cut a length of your coat hanger about 3 or so inches longer than you want your tree to be tall. With your pliers, bend the bottom of the hanger in the shape of a circle. Make your circle bigger for a bigger tree. Your felted wool squares will sit on top of this circle.

Cut your sweaters into squares slowly graduating the size. I used about 5 or 6 of each size square for my tree.

Begin threading your felted wool squares onto your coat hanger wire alternating the squares so the corners do not match up.

Continue threading and stacking your squares from biggest to smallest until your length of wire is almost full.

Once you are satisfied with the height of your tree, push the squares down and bend the wire. Snip the extra if necessary.

You will then pinch top of the wire so it looks like a tear drop… see pic below. You can tie a little star on top, pom pom or just leave it be, whatever you like best!

This will keep all the wool squares in place. You can also cut a square of cardboard that is a little smaller than the base of your tree and glue it in place on the bottom so that your hanger is not seen and it will have a more sturdy base!

You’re done! Continue to make you trees until you have your own little enchanted forest! Aren’t they cute. We are going to decorate them next week… maybe we’ll make a little garland or glitter, I don’t know yet. I think they look adorable plain, but I have a little 4 year old who likes everything to sparkle!

Thanks Jamie! Please leave a comment letting Jamie know what you think of her gorgeous trees. It could win you that sweet key fob kit!

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