Back when Prudent Baby was in it’s umm… infancy, Jaime did an awesome tutorial for a crib sheet that rocked our world. Beautiful designer crib sheets for a fraction of the cost of the pricey sets without all the stuff you don’t end up using like bumpers and comforters!?! Her version used elastic only at the corners and was the perfect quick project, especially and if you have a narrower width fabric – 45/45.” But some of you have asked for a version with elastic all the way around for a more polished look and more snug fit so here it is. Get the fitted crib sheet tutorial: part 2 after the jump.

Don’t you love Gordon’s Sock Croc? He was a gift from The Nesting Spot. There are no crocs in stock (har) but she will make you one if you message her. He is seriously awesome, like 2 feet long.

I fell in love with this gorgeous organic cotton from Cloud 9 and had to incorporate some into Gordon’s nursery. It’s extra wide (approx 48″ after washing) so it’s perfect for this project. You will need 2 yards.

To get the exact dimensions for your sheet, measure the height, width and length of your mattress. Mine was 28″Wx52″Lx7″H. Add the height(x2) + the width + seam allowance (6″, or whatever you have left) = 48″. Then add the height(x2) + the length + seam allowance (6″, or whatever you have left) = 72″. If you have an inch or 2 less on either side, don’t sweat it, it should still work. Sine you probably need a wider fabric than standard for this, this would be a great time to re-purpose some vintage sheets that you’ve been saving.

At each corner, cut a square the size of your corner plus half of your total seam allowance. In this case, 10″.

Fold your corner so the edges align right-side-facing.

Serge down the length of each edge to make your corner. If you don’t have a serger, you can straight stitch 3/8″ in and then zig-zag along the very edge for a mock-overlock.

Fold over your edge 1/4″ and iron.

Fold over your edge again 1/2″ and straight stitch all the way around along the inside edge to create a pocket for your elastic, leaving a small opening with back stitching at the beginning and end.

Use a safety pin to guide your elastic (3/8″) through the casing. I used a little more than 5′ but it’s best to try it on the crib for size if you have access to it.

Stitch the elastic together securely using forward and back stitches.

Sew up your little pocket.

Easy peasy, right? You can see below that there is a little bit of slack so you will probably be able to use a little less fabric but how nice not to have to wrestle with a sheet to get it on the bed. I hate that.

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