Sonya is mama to an adorable little dude, blogger at Parlor: Diary of A Hairdresser, and a knitter. She’s here today to give us a step by step on making poms poms from yarn, you don’t need to have mad knitting skills to make them, this tute makes it simple and clear. Also, her blog is amazing, lots of great tips and tutes for having fabulous hair even with little time and kiddos to care for, so make sure to check out Parlor!

Learn How to Make A Yarn Pom Pom after the jump…and leave sonya a comment on her first tute, you could win some purty fabric and bias tape!

How to Make A Pom Pom

You can buy a pom pom tool but it�s just as easy to make one.

Cut two donut shapes from a piece of cardboard. Mine were 3 � inches in diameter with a 1 � inch hole in the center. You can use a compass if you have one or just use something round with about these dimensions and trace them � it doesn�t have to be perfect.

Place both cardboard donuts together. Thread your yarn onto a yarn needle. Wrap it through the center

and up around both pieces of cardboard.


Repeat until the entire donut has been covered. The more yarn you use, the fuller your pom pom will be.

Next carefully cut the yarn around the edge (the blade of your scissors should go between the two pieces of cardboard).

Now it looks like this.

Then wiggle another piece of yarn between the two pieces of cardboard.

Pull it tight.


Remove the cardboard. If necessary, trim the pom pom to make it rounder, leaving the ends you used to tie it together to fasten it to your hat. Done!

Sonya will be back soon with some knitting patterns for us, but in the meantime get your hair all spiffy, check out

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