Alissa from 33 Shades of Green is here to share how to make a lovely tissue paper flower, which is a perfect way to top off a gift!

If your gift will be transported, you can leave them flat while you travel and puff them up when you get to Grandma’s House.

Take it away Alissa! Learn how to make a Tissue Paper Flower after the jump…

How to Make A Tissue Paper Flower

In my last post I showed my readers the wedding gift I bought for my friend’s wedding last weekend.  Here’s how I wrapped it up.

I like using plain, brown kraft paper to wrap presents. It’s inexpensive, heavy-duty, and easy to find. You will find it in the mailing supply section of Target or any office supply store. Best of all, the kraft paper is the perfect base for dressing up to match any occasion.
After the present was wrapped, I decided to make a tissue paper flower for the top. My friend’s wedding color was plum. I couldn’t find any plum tissue, so I ended up using purple.

1. First you will need to determine how large you want your flower to be.  I decided to use 8″ squares. The number of layers you use will determine how full your flower is. I used 12 layers.

2. I wanted a white center for my flower. I cut two layers of tissue paper a bit smaller than the purple tissue and scalloped the edges.

3. Accordion fold all layers of tissue together.

4. Wrap a wire around the center of the tissue to hold all the layers in place.  Twist a few times to secure.

5. Hold the ends together and use scissors to scallop the ends. You could also cut a point at the ends for a different look.

6. Starting at the inside, peel back each layer of tissue until your flower is complete. Sorry – I didn’t take any pictures of this part!

That’s it! Simple and easy and it will definitely stand out among all that silver and gold wedding paper, don’t you think?

Thank you Alissa!
Be sure to stop by 33 Shades of Green to see all of her gorgeous easy decorating ideas. But before you do, leave us a comment, you could win a yard of pom pom prettiness.

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