We Prudent Mamas have discussed toy storage over the years (check the Toy Storage: Nooks & Crannies post for how we roll in the Curtis household); it’s a first world problem for sure – where to put all these luxurious toys our tots are lucky enough to possess? I’ve found that as baby grows, the stuffed animal collection grows at a 10X rate. I had a little eureka moment when I spotted this laundry bin and it’s worked out so well, I thought I’d share.

The stuffed animals go into the laundry bin. Because it’s a wire hamper, they can be pulled out the sides, without toppling said bin. They also always feel accessible, as opposed to boxes, closet shelves, or those nets you hang from the ceiling. It works for us, do you think it would work for you? Find out where I got it and links to some more storage and organization tips after the jump…

Give us your stuffed toy storage tips in the comments, and you might win some of that pom pom trim Jacinda’s been petting.

Stuffed Animal Storage

I picked up that wire hamper at the Crate & Barrel outlet out in the desert, but it’s also available online here. One of these without the liner would work well too, and it’s on wheels (is that better or worse, hmm): Neu Home Jumbo Laundry Basket with Canvas Bag. Over at Babble’s Family Style, all of us editors contributed our favorite storage tips and put together a little slide show, check it out here: 12 Smart Ways to Declutter.

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