If you are prone to migraines or good taste, you may want to avert your eyes.

Ok, now that it is just us mothers of the pink fiends, I can share what I made this weekend. A princess cape. A pink princess cape… with a fur collar… and tassel pom-pom trim. A princess cape that she has worn non-stop since Saturday. It feels really good to make something that she loves so much. Even if it is heinous.

Get the full Princess Cape tutorial…
 1. Print out the Free Princess Cape Collar Pattern, cut out two sides and tape together to make full pattern.

2. With 2 layers of fur right-side-facing, pin and cut the collar pattern.

3. Cut 2 – 18″ lengths of ribbon or bias tape. Something that looks pretty on both sides would have been better than this embroidered ribbon. If you want your cape to have a velcro closure (good idea!) now would be the time to sew velcro to the ends of 2 short straps.

4. Open end of collar and pin ribbon inside end of collar, 1/2″ from edge. Repeat on other side.

5. For the body of the cape, I measured from shoulder to ankle for height. For width, I measured the the circumference of her shoulders and added 4″ for a total of 32″x32″. I wish I had made it a little shorter and wider.

6. Round the two bottom corners of your cape fabric. This fabric worked nicely because it was pretty on the inside. You could also use two layers and have a lined cape.

7. Now for the fun of adding trim! I used this crazy tasseled pom-pom trim. I sewed the tape along the edge of the right side of the fabric .

8. Then turn the edge to the back side so the pom-pom tape is now on the back and stitch along the entire edge again. I used one of the decorative stitches on my Brother PC-420 Sewing Machine. See image below.

9. Along the top edge, sew a basting stitch (your longest stitch, usually a 5) along the top width of the cape fabric. Set aside.

10. Sew the two ends and around the entire outside of the collar, leaving the inside “neck” open. Turn right-side-out.

11. Lay collar down with right side of ribbon up.

12. Pull one end of the basting thread to gather the top of your cape. The gathered width should be the same as the inside of the collar.

13. Lay cape on top of collar right-side-up and pin to top layer of collar along edge.

14. Sew gathered cape to top layer of collar.

15. Flip collar up and over and turn very edge of fur collar under. Sew through all layers, attaching collar to cape. If you want to be really fancy, you could hand sew with a blind stitch but really, who has time for that?

16. Admire Her Pinkness embracing new princess cape.

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