We loved the little Jelly Bean Pods from the 4th of July so here are more for St. Patrick’s Day! This time we have free printables to make us all look extra Mom-tastic. But really they take like 3.5 seconds to make. Shhhhh…


What you need:
Treats in shades of green. I used an assortment for green Jelly Bellys from my local Super Target and some M&M Mint Thrills (holy yum, I almost didn’t have any left for the bags!)
Vellum (which you can pick up from any office store in the drafting isle) or any paper and a printer
Sewing machine and green thread. If you don’t want to sew, you can use tape. Happy Tape would be super cute.

Version 1.
1. Add names in white over the green square and print, or print and add names with a silver metallic pen. Here is the FREE DOWNLOAD.

2. Use the fold lines (about 1/3 way in top and bottom) and using a bone folder or a butter knife, create a folding line/crease by running your tool gently on the paper along the side of a ruler.

3. Starting at one of the creases you just made, sew in a curve along the top of the pennants. I used some beautiful sparkly Kreinik Thread but if you aren’t up for sewing, you can draw the line.

4. Curve the paper so the side edges touch at the back and sew them together with 1/4″ seam. Optional: Trim with pinking shears.

5. Press piece flat with sewn seam at back center & sew straight across bottom.

6. Add treats (don’t over-stuff)

7. Sew along top, & trim top and bottom with pinking shears.

Version 2.

1. Print art on vellum (or any paper) DOWNLOAD THE FREE TEMPLATE

2. Cut sheet into 4 quarters, using guidelines

3. Curve so sides touch and sew up back

4. Trim seam with pinking shears (I didn’t do this but it would have looked nicer.)

5. Pinch bottom so seam is centered and sew across bottom.

6. Add treats

7. Fold top the opposite direction of bottom and sew closed. Trim top and bottom with pinking shears.

8. Look like the craftiest mother of all and pour yourself a green beer to celebrate.

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