I spotted these AMAZING dress up wings at Llevo el Invierno while surfing the crafty web, and I just had to ask their creator to share the tutorial with us. Her site is adorable, and it is written in both spanish and english, definitely check it out for more crafty inspiration. Take it away Eri…

Hi everyone! I’m Eri from Llevo el Invierno, and I’m here to share my wings tutorial handmade for my little daughter Emma with Prudent Baby readers. I drew my own pattern to make these bird wings.  I share the pattern because it is near the springtime and this is a season when costumes for kids are always needed. You don’t have to be an expert in sewing to make these wings, you just have to have some patience to cut and paste all the pieces of fabric. Enjoy your flight, little birds!!

Get the full Beautiful Dress Up Wings tutorial after the jump…

Beautiful Wings Free Pattern

Pattern measurements are for children aged 18 to 36 months. Cut out your fabric for the wing base and the rows of “feathers” (see image for her measurements).

Then the feathers are sewn or glued to the wings from the bottom up, or one line above the other. Attach the two wings together with bias tape on the neck and a ribbon on top each wing.

Also attach a ribbon at the end of each wing for the child’s thumbs.

Time for a photoshoot.

Eri made a dress in much the same fashion, so check out that tutorial for more details here.

Don’t forget to visit Eri at her site Llevo el Invierno for more great tutes. I especially adore this sailboat necklace!

Thank you Eri!  Let Eri know what you think of her gorg wings in the comments, and you could win three lovely Aivilo Charlotte patterns.

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