I do so love the idea of quilting. But in actuality, the precision is not something I naturally excel at. I’m all about pretty fabrics and quick projects. Therefore I deem myself the lazy quilter.

I whipped up this pieced pillow for the Craft Room Redesign Project in about an hour and a half, and I want to share with you the secret for making half square triangles in a jiff. I don’t even have a 1/4″ presser foot or any fancy quilting paraphernalia. You can use half square triangle units to make pinwheels, which are adorbs and very trendy right now. You can also make sailboats and lots of other cuteness with them. Give it a shot, it’s a good first-quilting-step.

Get the Easy Half Square Triangle Trick after the jump. And tell us, are you a lazy quilter? Do you have any lazy quilting tips for us? Your comment could win you a gorg Belle & Blue Chair.

The Lazy Quilter: Easy Half Square Triangle Trick

First off, I have three bolts of this gorgeous Jay McCarroll Habitat Raise the Roof cotton from Fabricworm, which I am using to make curtains, pillows, and the like for the office. I love it so much I have it in both colors.

So, because I am a lazy quilter, I do not take serious measurements beforehand. I make all of my cuts and blocks too big and trim them down later. So I generally wanted about 4″ blocks, so I cut a bunch of 5.5″ squares. You’ll need two squares of different patterns, and from those two squares you will get two half triangle units.

Lay two different patterned squares right sides facing. Put the lighter one on top so you’ll be able to see your markings better. Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner. A bias ruler helps with this, but a regular straight edge will do.

Now draw a line 1/4″ away on each side of your center line.

Sew along the two outside lines you drew:

Cut along the center line you drew:

Open up each piece and iron the seam open:

You’ll see that you have little fabric bits overhanging the edge:

Trim those off:

Now you have two half triangle units. Make two more and you can make a pinwheel:

But I decided to align mine this way:

So I sewed each row together:

And ironed the seams open:

I made six half triangle units. I wanted to make a pillow but the panel wasn’t quite big enough so I (lazily) cut some fabric strips and sewed them on each side of the main panel:

Now it’s all set to be a pillow front.

So here is the panel:

I followed our How to Sew A Zipper Pillow Tutorial to attach the zipper and pillow back:


Kind of a cool trick right? Do you have any lazy quilting tips for us?

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