So I’ve been plugging away at the Craft Room Redesign Project. Last we checked in I showed you the Hidden Workstation. I love my DIY pleated curtains, but strangely enough, hiding my craft supplies behind drapes did not magically organize them. I had an inkling that one of my thrifty finds, the file rack that files don’t fit in, could make a great little supply station on my cutting table. So I bought a few cases of mason jars and tackled my supply drawers, which looked like this:

See what they look like now and learn all about my mason jar supply station after the jump, and let us know your craft supply organization tips in the comments, you could win this week’s surprise prize, that Oliver & S Pattern from Fabricworm!

Organizing Craft Supplies with Mason Jars

First I headed over to amazon and bought a case of mason jars for $13.

I tied a little red baker’s twine around each one because I love baker’s twine and also to bring in the red from the re-painted brass coffee table.

On the top shelf I did a jar of pencils, a jar of pens, a jar of tall supplies like tracing wheels and x-acto knives, and a jar of water as a vase for a rose from my garden.

The second shelf has two rows of jars. The back row has things I use often enough to warrant a space on the cutting table, but not everyday, including blades and rollers for my Simplicity Deluxe Rotary Cutting & Embossing Machine.

The front row has things I use very often including tips for my Simplicity Bias Tape Maker, safety pins, and the like.

The bottom shelf has regular pins, clothespins, and button, buttons, buttons. The button jars keep their lids to avoid button spills.

So now my supply station looks like this.

But i wanted to spice it up with a label since it has slats. I printed out some motivational words on cardstock and slipped ‘em in.

Now my drawer looks like this. Remember on the lazy quilter post when I said I didn’t have 1/4″ quilting foot? Turns out I do! And remember on the One More Fabric Flower tutorial when I said I didn’t have any hand sewing needles? Turns out I do! I have so much stuff! In this drawer I made sections for snaps, fabric covered buttons, glue sticks, tacks, and a needle compartment.

Then I even had room to store some pretty thread, pliers, and decorative scissors, yay.

I already feel inspired to GET TO WORK!

Are you horrified by the mess that is my life? How do you keep your supplies organized?

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