We are going through pink detox here at the Boneau house. We had Clare’s VERY PINK and VERY FUN 4th birthday party this past weekend. She told us she wanted a Sleeping Beauty party so we mixed up a little “princess” with a bit “sleepover” and a bit “Beauty parlor.”

Click through for all of the details and plenty of eye candy.

Pink plastic goblets and plenty of Pink Lemonade.

A bed with a helium balloon “headboard” in the middle of the floor for lounging and girlie giggles. Everyone dressed in their jammies and brought their favorite lovie. Can you spot Max the Owl? How about the Sock Croc from The Nesting Spot? And how about MY favorite lovie Gordon Patrick?

Some supermarket hydrangeas.
20 (20!!!!!) handmade pom-pom pillows with pockets stuffed with beauty supplies and these crazy/awesome finger flashlights. Thanks for the help mom!

No more monkeys jumping on the bed!

Hair and Makeup by Clare’s favorite babysitter! And a lux voile nightgown by Clare’s Mama!

Yummy finger food for the moms from my vintage Martha.

And our friend Rebecca.
Morning of party Clare says… I thought this was a Sleeping Beauty party. Where’s Sleeping Beauty? Embroidery machine to the rescue with built in Disney designs. Clare LOVES this sign.

Glow rings enjoyed by the girls and Hot Mess Mommies alike! These are always a party hit.

Tiara decorating. I thought about making felt tiaras but then I saw these for like $.75 each and gave myself a little break. Everyone loved them!

What’s better than all these girls in their cutest jammies?

Them going home before bedtime.

And last but not least, THE TREATS!

A chocolate chocolate chip Bundt cake and ombre cupcakes with sugar cookie toppers!

It felt so good to give Pinky a fabulously pink party. She was in heaven! Let me know what projects you want to know more about, it could win you a yard of fabric!

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