A few weeks ago we celebrated the impending birth of my friend Brookes’ first baby. It was a beautiful shower filled with touching stories, good advice and lots of fun baby and pregnancy photos of all the guests. The decor was simple and lovely. It included a set of cloth napkins that we made together and this gorgeous arrangement of ribbons and silk orchids hanging form the chandelier. Isn’t it effortlessly chic? I can say that because all I did was the sewing.

Brookes and I assembly-lined the set of 8 napkins in two short evenings. It’s so nice to have a shower decoration that you can keep (and use) forever, don’t you think? Maybe she will even give them to her beautiful brand new daughter some day. Here’s how we made these mitered-corner napkins.

1. First we cut squares from our washed/ironed fabric. We went with 22″ squares to get the max width out of our 44″ Patricia Bravo Modern Affair Flirty Dance Lime fabric from Fabricworm. Wouldn’t this {on sale!} fabric be pretty too? You can make your napkins slightly smaller and play with the hem width as well.

2. Iron all edges 1/4-1/2″ hem and then 1/2-1″ again. I did 1/2″ and 1″

3. Unfold the second hem.

4. Fold the second hem over and make a small mark where the corner hits on the other side. You can see the bright turquoise dot I made with my disappearing ink.

5. repeat by folding the other way and marking.

6. Repeat with all corners and open back up to single hem.

7. Fold corner back right-side-facing so that the dots that you just made touch and pin.

8. Make a line (or row of dots works too!) from the intersection of the 1″ hem to the dots you just made along the outer edge. See it? Right there? Repeat all corners.

8. Sew along that line. Repeat on all.

9. Trim off corner leaving 1/8-1/4″. Repeat all.

10. Reverse corners out. Use point to get the corners nice and sharp.

11. Sew hem down all the way around. Keep needle down at corner for turning. Start and end with a few back-stitches.

Make a bunch more! Who doesn’t love cloth napkins in a pretty spring fabric.

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