As y’all know, I love gardening. In fact, my daughter and I take great joy in cultivating our little Backyard Farm we keep updating you on. For the most part we grow vegetables, but we also have gorgeous roses bushes and bulbs that deliver beautiful flowers throughout the year, which we snip and display around the house or bring to school for teacher. These colorful little blossoms bring a little dose of happiness wherever they go, and growing and using them is a great activity for bonding with your children and teaching them about nature and where food comes from. This year we are also cultivating some edible flowers that we can use to display, cook with, and even give away as little gifts. Let me tell you about 12 Edible Flowers you can grow at home, what they taste like, and how to use these edible flowers in your recipes in a variety of ways here: 12 Edible Flowers You can Grow at Home and How to Use Them.

I know there are so many more edible flowers, tell us what we missed in the comments!

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