Remember how we were all confessing over on Facebook that we can’t help but hoard tiny scraps of fabric? Here is a project that gives us pack-rats the last laugh. Make a pin-cushion ring (or a dozen!) It only takes 5-minutes, assuming you don’t have to drink a beer to get the cap.

Here’s what you do…

1. Cut a 3.5″ circle of fabric (I used a ribbon spool to trace)

2. Stitch a running stitch around the edge of circle, gathering to make a pouf. Hand sewing is easier than machine in this case. Don’t get too close to the edge.

3. Once you stitch all the way around, stuff with poly-fil.

4. Pull thread tight to gather and tie. stitch through opening several times to close up hole

5. Drink a beer or find any old bottle cap.

6. Coat inside of bottle cap generously with hot glue, especially the edges.

7. Quickly press pouf into bottle-cap.

8. Grab a pack of rings from the craft store. These are from Jo-Ann, as are the adorable heart stick pins.

9. Glue the bottle cap to your ring base. I used hot-glue and it is staying just fine but you may want to use something stronger.

That’s it! Don’t you want to make one for each of your crafty friends? Aren’t you glad you saved those fabric scraps? Stay tuned for another fun version of the ring pin-cushion next week!

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