A few weeks ago I was debating “aloud” on Facebook whether or not I should tidy up the Craft Cave before I shared “before” photos so as not to humiliate myself and my family and destroy any credibility I may have. In an effort to build up my courage, I asked you to show me your messy craft spaces and the emails came in. I realized I wasn’t alone! I guess not everyone’s craft space looks like Heather Bailey’s or Anna Maria Horner’s (swoon, I want that.) So here goes… if you are ready to see a big hot mess and offer your advice on how to make my space tidy, functional and beautiful, read on. Eeeeek, I’m nervous and ashamed!!! And just so you are fully prepared, the above photo is the only shot that won’t make you feel like bathing. I wanted to ease you in. Don your hard-hats mamas, let’s do this!
Let’s start with the prison lighting in this windowless cell of crafting. There are 4 recessed lights with “too-yellow” bulbs in the corners and one bare bulb in the center. Tragic, especially since I shoot all of my step-by-steps for tutorials in here. What lighting can I add to optimize this space for photography? What lighting can I add to not feel like I’m doing 10-20 years in a sweatshop? What lighting can I add that makes me want to sing because I have a pretty craft cave? Ok. moving on.

You can’t tell here, but in the center of the room under all that stuff is a 4′x8′ cutting table that Rick built. Amazing! Except that it is usually covered with projects and ALWAYS is covered with a serger, an embroidery machine and 3 racks of thread. I want EVERYTHING off of this beautiful surface.

Ironing board. Always out, always in the way and always an eye-sore. I want a fold down, right? Maybe behind the door? Maybe that will stop me from stacking just-washed fabric on the corner? Maybe not?

Please ignore debris on floor. I also need a trash can.

Folding card table that shakes violently when I sew. Not much more to say about that.

And how about this back-breaking chair? If you are not going to be comfortable, at least be pretty. Or dare I ask for both?

The ubiquitous Expedit shelves. I like their modern style but open storage is not ideal. I do like having the fabric out and available looking pretty. It’s the upside of no sunny windows to fade it! But how do I utilize the rest of the shelves since they are new and here to stay?…

Especially these up high? Maybe a library ladder?

Along this long wall are more highly-impractical open shelves. The plan is to build a long row of counter for the machines. And move all this clutter. But where?

Some can go in bins in the Expidet but how about the larger pillow inserts, batting and poly-fil? Maybe under the cutting table? But in what if not plastic storage bins?

And how do I keep my desktop tidy? And don’t say clean up your junk. I need a realistic storage solution for the supplies I keep at the ready.

The room is now tidied up, the children and their mess-making ways have been banished and I am ready to do as I’m told. Help me take this space that I’m so lucky to have and turn it from my shame to my happy place! I know you can help!

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