Little sister was happy to play bluebird to big sister’s Snow White, especially when the alternative was a bearded dwarf. My mother told me I could ABSOLUTELY NOT dress little sister as a bearded dwarf.

So we are loving this sweet bluebird costume, especially for toddler types who are finicky about costume-wearing in general. These directions can be easily modified for an owl, a bat or any winged critter. I’ve even caught princess Snow White herself wearing it around the house!

Let’s start with the fuzzy little tunic, a great costume basic if you need one.

1. Loosely trace the basic shape of overall-style garment that fits your kid. Make your pattern long enough that it will cover the child’s bottom, plus 1-2″.

2. Fold in half to check that pattern is symmetrical and cut out.

3. Cut two pieces out of soft furry fabric.

4. With right-side-facing, sew top of shoulders.

and down side seams.

5. With 1/4″ elastic, sew in a zig-zag around arm holes and neck hole, stretching elastic as you go.

There you go.

6. Fold bottom edge up 1″ and stitch all the way around leaving 1″ open.

7. Thread elastic through casing with a safety pin and sew ends together. Stitch up open hole.

Tunic is done!

Now on to the bird…

(Can you tell that it’s big sister under there? She is a more cooperative model, ha!)

1. Trace a hood that fits your child, adding 1/2″ all around. Cut out 4 layers, 2 outside, 2 inside.

2. With right-sides-facing, sew back of hood. repeat on hood lining.

3. With right-sides-facing, fit lining inside hood.

4. Sew around face opening.

5. Turn right-side-out.

6. Here is my artistic rendering of the Snow White bluebird. Download the free pattern here.

7. Cut your beak pieces out of felt.

8. Stitch top and bottom together. Trim if sides don’t meet.

9. Snip tip and turn right-side-out. Stuff beak.

10. Trace and cut out eye pieces.

11. Arrange face as desired.

12. Stitch on beak. Glue or stitch layers of eyes and stitch eyes to hood.

13. Again, using a coat that fits your child, make your wings. This is the size reference. Don’t worry about making your wings look just like these, any style will work. Cut 2 outside and 2 inside wing pieces.

14. With right-sides-facing stitch an outer wing to an inner wing, leaving only the top open. Repeat for other wing.

15. Make tiny snips if you have curves.

16. Stuff tips of wings lightly and stitch decorative lines for feathers. Set wings aside.

17. Create tail pattern. This should be about 4-6″ longer than wings. Cut an outside and inside layer. Repeat steps 14-16 for tail.

18. Create two 1″x14″ straps or cut ribbon.

19. Fold the opening of the hood into itself 1/2″-1″. Sandwich top of wings inside hood opening. Pin straps to inside front hood.

20. Sandwich top of tail inside hood at center, under wings. Sew across edge of hood opening, enclosing wings & tail and securing ties.

21. Stitch some type of strap to inside wings. I used elastic but would have preferred matching blue fabric.

And you are done little birdie! Trick or Tweet!

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