Calling all Hot Mess Mommies – manicures are such the little luxury, no? Personally, I’ve never been one for fancy nail art manicures, but after a recent trip to London I think I may change my mind. It seems that across the pond it’s become a bit of a craze to turn the tips of your fingers into ten tiny artworks. We are not talking the bedazzled acrylic talons of yesteryear — the new look in nail art is short, sweet, and just plain fun. Maybe a detailed rainbow on each finger is a little over the top for you, but would you try doing just one nail in a different color like the manicure pictured above? I’ve rounded up 25 fun & flirty nail art looks, from over the top patterns to subtle chic styles. Many even have links to tutorials teaching you how to recreate the look yourself using things as unexpected as patterned paper, stamps, and tape.

So check out 25 Fun & Flirty Nail Trends to Try, and see if you aren’t tempted to give nail art a try.

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