Almost two years ago now we took our first try at making Soy candles in baby food jars. Today we will take it a step further by making soy candles in beautiful and unique tea cups. With Christmas quickly approaching these are perfect to give as a gift or use as party favors. You could even make them inside coffee mugs for those manlier guests. It’s way easier than you think…

Find out how to make tea cup candles after the jump…
How to Make a Tea Cup Candle

Depending on where you go tea cups can be very expensive. Flea markets and thrift stores seem to be the places to find the cheapest deals. I bought these two beauties for $2 at our nearest flea market.

There are two options when starting to make candles. You can buy the supplies individually or in a kit. In this case I bought this kit from Michaels however, it looks like Michaels is the only place you can buy it since it is nowhere to be found online. I will also add in helpful links for buying supplies individually.

Hot glue your wicks to the bottom of the cups. I wrapped the rest of the wick around a pencil and pen but any stick will work. This helps keep the wick centered when pouring in the wax.

I did not have a double boiler so I made my own homemade one. I put about 2 inches of water into a pot and set it to low. Then I put the wax inside the bowl and placed it on top.

Gradually melt the wax, adjusting the stove temperature if needed. I increased mine to Medium heat.

Melt the wax until it reaches the temperature specified on the bag. In this case I heated it to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the point where you can add the scent you prefer and any color. I used a vanilla scented block that I shaved into the melted wax.

Allow the wax to cool to 135-140 degrees Fahrenheit (or lower depending on the wax you use). Pour the wax into the tea cups keeping the wick centered.

Wait for the wax to cool and cut the wick down to about 1/4 inch.

They would also look great at baby showers, tea parties or even just a little extra light when you are enjoying your favorite book.

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