It felt good to say to Scarlet “Yes, sweetie, we can get a pink tree.” In my defense, I did not know they would also add glitter. But you know what? She’s only gonna be three once. Sparkle while you can!

When I shared a picture of our tree on our facebook group, hundreds of people commented with their support of the pinkness. My husband’s favorite comment went something like this: “What a fun mommy you are! and what a great daddy for allowing it!” Carleton’s response? “Does receiving a text message saying ‘guess what color our tree is?’ count as me allowing it? Then you’re welcome.” HA. But when he came home and saw it, he really, truly did love it, if only because of the joy it brought our daughter. There’s nothing quite like the look on a little girl’s face when her pinkest dreams come true, is there?

Curious about how this whole pink tree thing works?

The past few years a few Christmas tree lots here in Los Angeles (this particular one is on the northeast corner of La Cienega and Olympic if anyone really needs to run out and get a pink tree right this second) have started to offer flocking in a variety of colors. I’ve seen red, blue, aqua, purple, pink, and even yellow, along with your tried-and-true white.

At the lot there was one pink tree but it was only 4 feet tall, and according to Scarlet it was just not pink enough. So we selected a larger tree and they flocked it pink overnight. The kind dude at the lot consulted with Scarlet about the preferred level of pinkness and informed me that in order to reach such a level, the tree would be heavily covered in flocked goo that would end up all over my house. At this point, having already given in to the princess fantasy, i said what the heck, go for it (note: i loved all the facebook comments saying what a great mother I was for this – i had thought that spoiling your child and giving into their every whim was maybe a bad thing, ha ha).

The next day our tree was delivered but it was not the tree we had selected – instead it was about double the size, over ten feet tall. No complaints from my peanut gallery.

I had intended to decorate it all in gold, with big gold balls and gold glitter ornaments handmade by Scarlet and I.

But time got away from us so we went shopping and picked out a few new ornaments instead. Our favorite is this London suitcase, since Scarlet and I went to London together this year.

Strung some lights (ooo, i wish i had ordered pink lights but i think dad’s head might have exploded), made some hot chocolate, and called it a night.

So that’s that. Would you ever have a pink christmas tree? Or what other color would you try? Would your husband “allow” it? LOL

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