This past Saturday we celebrated Gordon’s first birthday with a NFL playoff party here at the house. We made three kinds of soup served up in Crock Pots with fresh bread and cheese. We mixed up a batch of our signature Orange Slush. The kids played in the ball pit and had a pick-up game of football in the backyard. The birthday boy put on a great “cake smash” show. This was an easy party to pull together. Ill be sharing all of the details and simple DIYs. For now, here are some photos!

Mama treated herself to some DIY football nails.

Tissue pom poms are a cheap, quick and big impact decoration.

Turn a plain white t-shirt into an easy football “jersey.” Nibble on delicious baby boy.

But there’s more…
Make a jersey-shaped cake from two rectangle sheet cakes and decorate in your favorite team colors.

Cut brownies with a football cookie cutter and decorate with leftover buttercream frosting from the cake.

Customize storebought foam fingers with spraypaint and cut vinyl.

Why reinvent the wheel? Pick up some homemade-looking football lollipops.

Bag up some pom poms, mini footballs and lollis for guest to take home.

Watch your little guy discover the joy of sugar.


A party isn’t over until a shirtless baby eats cake from the floor while his mother takes pictures. Shame.

Thanks for all the facebook encouragement on the ball pit. It provided hours of entertainment for all the kiddos!

Is there a football party in your future? Will you try some of these easy projects?

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