Here’s four totally fresh Valentine’s Day card ideas that are super sweet, yet candy free.

Scarlet’s favorite is definitely a little jar of glitter, with a topper that says “You Make the World Sparkle.”

Or how about some bubbles that say “You Blow My Mind?”

My favorite are these cute band aids (kids really love band-aids, don’t they?) that say “You Make Me Feel Better.”

Or crayons (perhaps heart-shaped crayons?) that say “You Color My World.”

All you need to make these easy valentine’s cards and pack them up for school parties are some 4″ cello bags, glue dots, and our free printables.

Get the candy-free Valentine’s Card downloads after the jump…

For glitter, download the free printable here: You Make the World Sparkle

For bubbles, download here: Download here: You Blow My Mind

For band aids, download here: You Make Me Feel Better

For crayons or paints, download here: You Color My World

Print out on white 8.5″X11″ cardstock (make sure you aren’t set to “shrink to fit” or anything, just let ‘em print as is), and cut out.

Fold in half, and secure over the folded top of your stuffed treat bag with a glue dot on each corner.

So sweet.

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